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WAMS AGM 18th December 2019

Present 22 members.

1. In view of the problem that often arises when a ball drawn out in the draw is not recognised by any member it was agreed that all entering should use a ball marked with their name/initials or some other identifying mark. If the owner was then not there to be ready to  play the ball should be immediately put back into the draw and replaced by another.

2. Roy raised the question regarding the annual dinner and game for the Alan Taylor Trophy.

 As the price would have been £36 this year he had just priced the ticket at the cost of the meal with members buying their own drinks and the numbers attending were just the same as last year. It was agreed that next year we should charge for a pre-prandial drink but no addition for the inclusion of drinks with the meal.

3. Bill had made a point during the year when several members tied for the first prize with a score of only 34pts, and so the money was much reduced but their handicaps suffered a major reduction because of winning, that we should perhaps consider amending the handicap revision for those members or reduce the number of weeks before their handicaps started to rise. After some discussion, in which it was pointed out that the whole point of the WAMS was to spread the prize money out so we should leave matters as they are.

There were no other points for discussion raised by members present.